Terms and conditions

Find the article you wish to buy.Add the article to the shopping cart by clicking the symbol “Add to cart”.

You may continue shopping, if desired.

If you change your mind or wish to make changes to your shopping cart, e.g. wish to change the quantity, you can delete on the erase-button or change the figure in the quantity box respectively. Please click “Update cart”, if you wish to see the price after the changes.

When you have added everything you wish to buy to your shopping cart, please click “Pay”.
Now you must enter client information and delivery address if different from the client information. Click “Continue”.

Please confirm the order and the data you have entered.

Your order will not be send to us until you click “Complete shopping”. If you leave the site before doing so, the purchase is not completed.

The system will generate a confirmation of your order right away and forward it to the e-mail address you have stated in you client information.

When your order has been executed, you will receive an electronic notice again.

Right of cancellation
You have the right to return the articles within 14 days starting from the date of receipt. In case you regret a purchase please return the article in essentially the same shape and amount as when you received it. When we have received the article and approved it, we will refund the purchase price to your account within a few days. You cover the return cost

Fast Slim will take care of the delivery by Royal Mail to delivery address (unless otherwise instructed) within one week.

However, on-time delivery provides that Royal Mail observes day-to-day delivery. In case Royal Mail experiences delays, the delivery will be delayed correspondingly in relation to the desired date of delivery.

In case of very delayed (several days) delivery or definite failed delivery Fast Slim will of course forward a new supply free of charge.

Fast Slim grants 2-years warranty according to the Sale of Goods Act.
Complaint and return of articles

In case of faults, deficiencies or deliveries failing to turn up please contact:

Return address
In case you return articles to us, please note that we do not accept COD parcels. It is also possible to return the parcel by refusing reception or by returning the article in person to us.

It is not required, but the handling is promoted, if full information follows the parcel – for example, a copy of the confirmation of order, bank account information (registration number and account number) for the refund, copies of any previous correspondence etc.

In case of agreed discounts, returned articles or prepaid articles which are cancelled before shipment, full or partial refund of the purchase price will occur. Normally repayment takes place by bank transfer and therefore Fast Slim needs information (registration number and account number) for your bank account. This information is not sensitive and can easily be sent by e-mail or another traditional way of correspondence

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